Questions Fréquentes

How can I choose the size of my press-on nails ?

You can opt for one of our standard size (XS, S, M, L) or personnalised the size of every nails while you are ordering. We advise you to refer to our "Shapes and sizes" guide to choose the best fitting for you.

How is the time of expedition ?

We ship every order after 4 business days according the business delay.

Can you ship out of France ?

Absolutely, we ship worldwide.

Do you provide tracking informations of our order ?

Of course, you will receive your tracking link by e-mail on the shipping.

There are missing products in my order, what can I do ?

Please contact us at, we will find a solution for you

My order is damaged, what can I do ?

We are sorry to hear that. Please send us a picture of the damaged item at and wi will send you a replacement item as soon as possible.